Professional Family Run Business

Our company is run by husband and wife, Wes & Lindsey Curry. This is a unique attribute to a company, which provides sustainability, commitment, and long-term focus.

No Minimum Orders

We do not require a minimum order. As long as you are accepted as a credible buyer, you can order as much, or as little as you need.


We stay true to our customers. If we promise you will have your order in hand by Thursday, you can trust that we will make it happen. We are extremely loyal and understanding to our customers needs. Guaranteed.


We are extremely reliable in what we say and do. Our actions are our business. We want you to have a wholesaler that you can count on. If you need a specific item that we might not normally carry, we will order it for you! If you need us to deliver your product on a Saturday, count us there!

Excellent Customer Service

Wes makes it a priority to run a business with top notch customer service. There is no calling customer support, no having to wait on hold, no 1-3 business day return on emails. You call, we answer. You email, we reply. Simple and effective!

Customer Relationship

We find it extremely important to build a close relationship with every single one of our customers. Our number one goal is to help you be successful and profitable by providing you with the products you need, but keep in mind we also want to hear how your weekend went and who caught the big fish of the day!

Major Name Brands

We carry big name brands, such as, Berkley, Plano, Yakima, & Zebco! We have a wide variety that will suit your stores needs.

Competitive Prices

We strive to provide competitive prices for our customers. We want you to get exactly what you need without the hassle of comparing prices to others.

Timely Delivery

Rockin C does everything in its power to deliver orders within 2 business days from when the order was received. Most of our business is route sales and we understand you need your product in a timely manner.

Passion for the Outdoors

Wes Curry is an extreme outdoorsmen. He spends most of his spare time hunting and fishing, therefore he is extremely knowledgable in the fishing tackle industry.

Goal Oriented

Wes and Lindsey Curry are young, energetic, and hardworking. They strive to run a business that is fun, but more importantly, professional. Their close relationship gives the company a rock solid foundation. They set goals and reach them.